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Christy & Company Architecture

Collaboration: a belief in the power of two.

Like sculpture, cca molds your images of the perfect lifestyle into the stunning reality that houses them.

With contour of the land as our strategic partner and your dreams as our vision, cca designs beyond expectations to create a home for you where experience meets passion, where excellence meets extraordinary.

...where sculpture meets sanctuary.

Recent Projects

Modern Mountain

A mountain wraps its arms around a form so pure & fluid that it’s proud to claim the form as one of its own.

Modern’s sharp angles balance with the textural integrity of mountainside forms and flora. Fluid elements of light & shadow yield intervals of intimacy.

View corridors allow panoramas to proliferate. Materials mix on a canvas that defines the art of living. Truly a space where form meets function.

camelback mountain, phoenix az     /     photography: bill timmerman

Santa Barbara meets Paradise Valley

Pristinely standing grand at the foot of Camelback Mountain, a villa plays its plain wall surfaces of its Spanish Revival Romanticism with a touch of Andalusian flair, so classic of a Santa Barbara Estate.

Simply lush. Simply resort. Simply stunning oasis, presenting the possibility of solitude or celebration. Authentic details classically define portals and passageways. Colors soften and clarify composition worthy of a prestigious yet comfortable lifestyle.

paradise valley, arizona     //     photography: christiaan blok

Double Wing

Floating mystically above the earth, a castle bathes in the power of a sunset, cloaked by the strength of stone and kissed by reflections that mirror its grandeur.

Seductive, rustic curves and surreal Superstition Mountain backdrops tempts us to stare. Water dances in a graceful ballet around verandas of geometric shapes.

Stone archways frame views that serve as timeless art. Elements blend in a home that defines the art of living. Truly a space where inspiration meets ingenuity.

superstition mountain, phoenix, arizona     //     photography: bill timmerman

Villa Monte Rosa

A site so magical in earthly balance: mountain rocks, changing skies, hearty pinions & cottonwoods, bubbling sounds of a running creek and tendrils of rich budding grape vines all heighten the senses for Villa Monte Rosa.

Details of stone, iron, wood & clay epitomize the quantities of a Mediterranean farmhouse with a twist of eclectic style & grace.

A destination home so rich in stories, spaces within adapt to the scale of intimate gatherings as well as the peacefulness of solitary pleasure.

oak creek / sedona, arizona     //     photography: christiaan blok

Lush Family Compound

Tucked in at the foot of Pinnacle Peak, a challenge: Combine the beauty of lush tropics, shimmering water, smooth lines, and the bold color of this classic desert setting to produce a luxurious and soothing open air experience. Result: An inviting and exquisite display of tranquility in outdoor spaces.

pinnacle peak, scottsdale, arizona     //     photography: dino tonn

Residential & Commercial Interiors

scottsdale & phoenix, arizona     //     photography: inckx photography, bradley wheeler, mike baxter

Christine Wareing

Principle Architect, aia

Christy & Company Architecture, llc
po box 25486
Scottsdale, az 85255

tel    480.483.0713

fax    480.483.0714

Areas of practice


In our residential practice, we typically participate from the initial steps of location and site selection through to the end when you move in. We are a full-service, end-to-end architecture firm rooted in the belief that collaboration, from start to finish, yields superior results.

We collaborate not only with you but also collaborate with and manage the builder, interior designer, landscape architect, automation consultant, lighting designer and civil engineer. We’ll take care of the procurement of all remaining engineering including structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical. We obtain approvals from all governing bodies with jurisdiction over the site for design reviews, zoning and all relevant building permits. We want you focused on the dream and not the minutiae of the process. cca—end-to-end architectural integrity and continuity.

Commercial & Planning

Boutique commercial, resort, spa, restaurant & retail

In our commercial practice, we work with public and private developers on both large- and small-scale projects. Our particular process combined with decades of experience drives our approach. We’re experienced, proactive, diligent yet agile. We engage in every project with a focus on innovation in design, positive experience of our clients and their customers, branding considerations in pursuit of creating a deep and lasting sense of awe. We design real-world space for real-world applications.

In terms of Planning, we believe solid planning requires a mastery of the following set of considerations: overall focus and vision, understanding demographics, understanding movement in terms of the intent, flow and focus of the spaces, understanding the market all with an eye toward the future—growth with the purposeful design of controlled expansion.

Interiors & Furniture

We view interior architecture as in integral and inherent part of every commercial and residential project. Space, and the elements within the space, are as much as part of the experience as the architectural structure itself. Whether we are collaborating with an outside interior design firm, or you contract cca to design the interior spaces, our approach to conceptualizing and creating interiors and furnishings remains consistent: design for innovation, experience of the inhabitant (you), branding, and lasting awe.

Design throughout the Southwest

Walk outside our doors here in Scottsdale, Arizona and meet the coveted Sonoran Desert—widely considered the most diverse and beautiful desert in the world. The Sonoran Desert has always been an inspiring, powerful influence on how we approach designing within it. We not only have respect for it, we have a sense of responsibility to retain its magnificance by finding creative ways to maintain its unique beauty by minimizing our footprint. Urban, desert or mountain, Arizona offers an experience rich in diversity and flexibility that has taught us how a site can impact our experience and lifestyle. cca has experience working in the following areas of Arizona and throughout the southwest:


  • Scottsdale
  • Phoenix
  • Carefree
  • Cave Creek
  • Fountain Hills
  • Sedona
  • Flagstaff
  • Prescott
  • Tucson
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Vail
  • Starr Pass
  • Middle of nowhere

New Mexico

  • Corrales
  • Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
  • Santa Fe
  • Taos
  • Edgewood
  • Rio Rancho


  • Granite
  • Summit Park
  • Park City
  • South Snyderville Basin
  • Alta
  • Highland
  • Salt Lake City